Photographe : la découverte des futurs mariés

Discovery of the bride and groom

During the photo report of the wedding day, there is a moment between the future spouses, it is the moment of the meeting between the 2 future married ...

First meeting in wedding dress

The discovery of the bride and groom is the time during which the future spouses meet for the first time with their outfits.

Very often this meeting of the newlyweds takes place in front of the town hall, the bride arrives last after the guests. The groom only discovers it last; either in the town hall square or inside the town hall.

To make this meeting in the town hall is not obligatory, it can happen in small committee at the house of the bride at the end of the preparations of the future married. To realize this meeting in small committee can allow the married to live more intensely and emotionally this intimate moment. The newlyweds can then exchange a few sweet words, and enjoy this quiet moment

The groom is back when the bride approaches, she hides her eyes with her hands, and kisses her tenderly in the neck and he turns around: it is at this moment that they discover themselves ...

The newlyweds can then join their guests for the entrance to the town hall.

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