Photographe : Préparatifs de la mariée

Preparations of the future bride

The preparations of the future bride are very important for the whole wedding day for me. It is very important for me to immortalize this important moment of the day.

Preparations provide an ideal context for serenely staging, all the elements that are important to you and that will make your wedding an event that resembles you.

This moment of preparation is one of my favorite moments of the day when one can feel a growing effervescence accompanied by flourishing emotions.

Photographing the bride's preparations

I like to create beautiful photographs of the bride's dress in the light of the window, bouquet and bracelets of fresh flowers with the wedding rings, your announcement, the earrings, or with the shoes ... but this can also bring together other items such as your perfume, cosmetics, lingerie wedding night, your hanger specially customized for the day J. All these little details tell your story, they are your personality. The calm and the intimacy of the preparations are particularly adapted to the photos of detail of the outfit, a smile, or an emotional look ...

To achieve these beautiful images, I advise you to choose a bright and spacious room for the wedding hairstyle to sublimate your look and wedding makeup suitable for your skin and your style. It will be necessary to unload the maximum part to have pretty funds on the photos.

Your closest will be with you: your mom, your brothers and / or sisters, witness, best friend ...

The dressing is often done in privacy but do not hesitate to discuss it with your photographer because he will have a benevolent look. As a male photographer, it is important to see these points during our preliminary interview; to know what you want like type of photos.

Be yourself, share your emotions ... the photos will feel all the more!

If the bride and groom are not too far off in terms of their preparation, I can also take photos of the groom's preparations.

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