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Glamor - Romantic - Boudoir Photographer

Photographer Boudoir and Glamor and Portrait of woman in Marseille, Aix en Provence, Bouches du Rhône (13), Var (83)


A "boudoir" session is an intimate portrait session of women able to capture all of their femininity, softness, sensuality and emotions. You will be able to benefit from elegant and refined photos at the end of this unique and sweet experience.

The sexy and sensual who will wander from the photo can appear with a single gesture, a single attitude ... To obtain such shots, you need to be well supported, and choose a photographer according to his experience and his book. Do not hesitate to contact him first to be sure that the feeling will pass during the boudoir photo session. Then be relaxed and let yourself go!
Once the photographer has been chosen and the location of the session, bring your favorite clothes in which you feel good.

Therefore, I want to get to know the person first so that I can understand their expectations, so the session will be held in mutual trust and respect.
In most cases, the woman offers this session to give a gift to her husband, but it can be quite simply to feel beautiful, to better accept herself.
Your sensuality is independent of your morphology: it depends on your attitude, your gaze, your posture.


First we will have known beforehand before the session. The idea is to get to know each other, explain the course of the session to you and advise you on the choice of your outfits. So during a first phone call, we will have talked about your expectations, what you want, and shared ideas to properly prepare your boudoir session. This exchange is really very important to reassure you and put you in confidence.
Then comes the D-day dedicated to your femininity. We meet at the chosen location for around 2 hours where everything is done to relax and make you feel comfortable. The different poses are linked in a friendly atmosphere where you don't always take yourself seriously. For the poses to adopt: no stress, I'm here to guide you and enhance you while respecting your privacy. I always adapt to your personality.


The boudoir session is generally done indoors: very bright living room or bedroom. Possibly outdoors (garden, balcony with lots of flowers) also in addition. I can move to your home if the space and light conditions are correct or with one of your friends (it will be necessary to check if the natural light is of quality there with sufficient distance, and if your style of decoration) . We can also think of a more refined place with suitable decoration that you can rent as a hotel room. We will have to vary the poses on a bed, a sofa, a mirror and close to the window ...


Boudoir lingerie sessions are therefore not always bare. In general, a boudoir photo session is an opportunity to take out your most beautiful lingerie: you will need to provide a set of panties + bra at least, because you can change your outfit and if you have a very pretty dress, your lover's shirt, nighties, corsets, masks, sheers, guepière, garter belt, your lover's shirt, anything is possible ... this will offer more varieties of photos. With that, don't forget to come with some jewelry, necklaces, scarves or accessories (flowers or flower petals, wine, candles), to decorate without forgetting your tights / fishnet stockings and your super high heels :)

B&W clothes will stand out better in black and white photos.


I strongly recommend that you use a professional makeup artist. If you don't have one I can advise you.
If you decide to do your makeup alone, use powder-based make-up instead to avoid shine on the skin, but you can also finish the makeup by applying powder on the skin.


  • Remember to epilate several days before: legs, bikini line and underarms because if you go there the day before you risk keeping your skin red and irritated.
  • Think of your cream after showering for those with dry skin
  • If possible manicured feet and hands "nude" (natural color)
  • Protect your lips by putting lip balm.
  • No sun exposure, especially in our Provence region
  • Sleep well the night before and eat light
  • Come with lounge underwear to avoid marks!
You can also schedule an appointment with your favorite hairdresser before the photo session. Your beautician will make you beautiful that day so that you feel the most beautiful.


  • Interviews by phone and email exchange in order to best prepare for your session. Before the session, we call to determine together the type of photos you would like and the clothes and accessories to bring.
  • A photo session of about 2 hours in the studio and / or outside (travel or place costs may be expected in this case)
  • Your guide for photo poses
  • A private gallery where you can upload your digital photos
  • optional: your beauty treatment by a makeup artist / hairdresser

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