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Photographe boudoir Aix-en-Provence & Marseille
Photographe boudoir Aix-en-Provence & Marseilleimg_4692rs_nb_web-photographe-seance-boudoir-lingerie-aix-marseille-toulonimg_4135_carre_web-photographe-seance-boudoir-lingerie-aix-marseille-toulonShooting lingerie / boudoir avec photographe sur MarseillePhotographe lingerie bouches du rhonePhotographe Glamour sexy boudoir romantique bouches du rhonePhotographier femme boudoir var 83img_2770_nb-photographe-boudoir-lingerieShooting lingerie / boudoir avec photographe sur MarseilleShooting lingerie / boudoir avec photographe sur MarseilleShooting lingerie / boudoir avec photographe sur AubagneShooting lingerie / boudoir avec photographe sur Aix-en-ProvenceShooting lingerie / boudoir avec photographe sur Aix-en-ProvenceShooting lingerie / boudoir avec photographe sur MarseilleShooting lingerie / boudoir avec photographe sur Aix-en-ProvencePhotographe Lingerie & Boudoir sur Aix-en-Provence ou Marseilleimg_4286rs_nb_web_censure-photographe-seance-boudoir-lingerie-aix-marseille-toulonimg_4207s_webimg_4148rs_webimg_4724rs_c_web-photographe-seance-boudoir-lingerie-aix-marseille-toulonimg_4750rs_nb_web-photographe-seance-boudoir-lingerie-aix-marseille-toulonimg_4664rs_c_web-photographe-seance-boudoir-lingerie-aix-marseille-toulon
125,00 € each

Makeup / Hair


En studio photo ou en hôtel ou à votre domicile
Préparation 45min de coiffure et/ou ~45min de makeup (si option mise en beauté)
1h30 de shooting
10 fichiers HD. 10€ la photo supplémentaire
Choix d'impressions en option
10€ par image complétement retouchée mode/fashion

Boudoir photography is a moment intended for the elegance of women and their femininity where the photographer brings out emotions and sensitivity.
Don't be afraid to take the plunge. This is for all women who want to reveal their sensuality with elegance. This portrait session, all in sensuality with a touch of audacity, will be the ideal gift to offer yourself. I don't photograph a model who already knows how to pose in front of photographers, but an ordinary person who comes back to us, who opens up and who expects lots of posing advice on the session from her photographer. It is thus up to me to be attentive, to listen to you, I will communicate regularly and you will thus be reassured and directed.

A professional make-up artist will be present to make you look beautiful at the start of our session.
Your photographer is there to guide you and for you lead in order to obtain harmonious poses, highlight your curves and sublimate yourself in your most beautiful lingerie.
If you like music , tell me your favorite performer...

The session is personalized according to your expectations.
The opportunity to highlight your sensuality, please yourself or create portraits to offer...

We will define together the different atmospheres before the session.

To be planned before the session:

  • Waxing before the day before if possible, your beautician can also make you look beautiful that day
  • A good dose of sleep to avoid red and puffy eyes
  • Stay well hydrated

  • Various accessories such as: jewelry, necklaces, scarves, hair clips, and your pair of pumps or high heels
  • 2/3 outfits that we will have discussed beforehand when making an appointment as well as with your most beautiful fine lingerie, babydolls, corsets, masks, veils
  • Boudoir does not mean being naked. It's a choice, you can choose to be naked in the sheets, to wear sexy and glamorous underwear but you can also be sexy and glamorous in other clothes: shirts (yours or your lover's) , dresses, top or evening wear

Your photo session takes place:

  • to Cadolive,
  • or at your home between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille,
  • or in a studio in Marseille
  • or in a place of your choice, for example a hotel room whose atmosphere inspires you, a beautiful hotel room with refined decoration is ideal
  • or outside a glamorous session at the beach for example (we are still in a very beautiful region for that)

    * costs for location rental may be added.

The common thread of this session, charm and sensuality to enhance you. We meet at the place defined for ~2 hours where everything is done to make you feel comfortable. The different poses follow one another in a good friendly atmosphere.

Following the glamorous/boudoir photo shoot, I first sort the photos to keep only the best shots. Then, all these photos are processed to provide you with a harmonious and successful result.

The photos are delivered with a private gallery in your name where you can upload your images.

Possibility of book photos, paper prints, optional enlargements.

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25 January 2023
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27 March 2022

Si vous êtes photographe, n'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous souhaitez qu'on organise une séance photo de lingerie avec une modèle lingerie.