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Pole Dance & Aerial Hoop Photo Session

50,00 € each


En collaboration avec votre salle de pole
1h de shooting
5 fichiers HD. 10€ la photo supplémentaire
Choix d'impressions en option

Photo session with Pole Dance schools and aerial disciplines [fabrics, hammock and hoops]

5 retouched HD photos: €50

The session can take place in interior: the photo studio (on a white, black or colored background) moves

  • at the pole dance association in Peypin
  • or in a fairly high place
  • or outdoors to bring the Pole or the hoop in a natural environment

These photos are precious memories, they allow you to see all the progress you have made.

Anne, Pole Dance & hoop trainer

Anne, Pole Dance trainerAnne can accompany me during the session (Peypin, Auriol). The advantage is that she is immersed in the environment, understands the vocabulary used, masters the names of the figures, and I manage the lights and the photo part.

Anne provides valuable advice on the order in which to chain the poses, because she understands the technical difficulties, and suggests things according to the level of each one.

It also stabilizes the spin bar and the hoop when they turn and the model is no longer aligned as it should...

The choice of figures and training

No matter our level, with a well-prepared shoot, the result is stunning! You have to prepare a list of figures to immortalize and practice holding them as long as possible while being relaxed. The prettiest figures are not necessarily the most difficult, simple poses can be very aesthetic.

Outfits and makeovers

You have to think about the outfits you want to put in connection with the theme of the session, the accessories you want to wear, the makeup (essential for self-confidence) and the hairstyle! If you tie your hair, it is better to avoid too sophisticated hairstyles which could come undone over our acrobatics and it is better to favor simple hairstyles such as curls, braids on the skull.

Select clothes that you will be comfortable in to perform tricks! Beauty is important, but comfort is essential here in Pole-Dance.
It is better to plan several outfits depending on the theme while taking into account the comfort and feasibility of the chosen fichures.

The last tips for D-Day

Waxing, manicure and hydration of the skin the days before the session. It is best to wax in advance to avoid any signs of skin irritation.

Before posing, try to warm up and stretch.


  • the list of figures you want,
  • different outfits and accessories,
  • your makeup bag (lipstick, mattifying powder in case for makeup touch-ups),
  • something to style your hair,
  • a towel to absorb perspiration if needed,
  • a drink or bottle of water,
  • a snack even if it is better to avoid eating during the session because it causes a feeling of weight and you may feel uncomfortable,
  • pole kit (wipe, grip depending on the type of bar)

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