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photos-couple-grossesse-aubagne-marseilleLors d'un EVJF, organisez un belly painting pour votre amie future mariéephotographe-grossesse-belly-painting-marseilleBelly painting : laissez devinez le prénom du bébéBelly painting : indiquez le stade de votre grossessemaquillage-grossesse-belly-painting-marseille-aubagne-aix-en-provenceBelly painting avec echographie du bébéBelly painting : laissez devinez le prénom du bébéseance-shooting-grossesse-voile-marseille-aubagneseance-photo-maquilleuse-professionnelle-celine-aix-marseillemaquilleuse-professionnelle-belly-painting-allauchevjf-belly-body-painting-grossesse-femme-enceinte-marseille
280,00 € each


En studio photo
Belly painting : ~45min de maquillage
3h en tout
10 fichiers HD. 10€ la photo supplémentaire
Choix d'impressions en option
10€ par image complétement retouchée mode/fashion
The ideal is to carry out the session between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy in order to have your belly well rounded and it will thus be better highlighted during the photo shoot.

Shots before the body painting (~45 min):

Just before the pregnancy belly painting session, I can take a few shots, in order to highlight the pregnancy. I start the photo session with the future mother, then I involve the future father.

Pregnancy outfits and dresses:

The loan of a special photo shoot dress is possible. For this photo shoot don't hesitate to bring several outfits, we will see it together on D-Day.
Try to coordinate colors with your husband (and your children) because they are welcome for this photo shoot (no extra charge)
Bring outfits that highlight your shapes such as a tank top and leggings for example.

Try to wear pretty lingerie, ideally black and white.

Accessories during the photo shoot:

Also remember to bring a small ultrasound, the future little slippers, the comforter in short, more personal accessories.
Make-up of the belly of the future mother (45min to 1h):
During the pregnancy body painting session, I also shoot the evolution of belly painting makeup.

Following the work of the professional make-up artist (45min to 1 hour), I do the belly painting session which lasts about 1 hour with the mom first alone then with the dad.
The belly session can be done at the photo studio or at your home.

You can plan to bring several outfits (tank top or headband, shirt / top to open on the stomach, lingerie, jeans, pants or skirt, dress, etc.)
Accessories will be a plus to enhance the session according to your desires.

Shots after the belly painting (~30 min):
Right after the pregnancy belly painting session, I take a few shots to highlight the belly makeup.

Digital photos will be uploaded to a private gallery. 10 digital photos chosen by you from a private gallery will be reworked on retouching software and delivered in high definition.

The photos will be sent to you by email (without supplement).

Pregnancy Photo Album
The album is optional. Contact me for this.

Some images from the portfolio:

The different possible formulas:

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15 October 2022
Une première session Belly painting pour Elodie venu chez moi en compagnie de Lucile qui avait déjà fait de belly painting pour sa première grossesse. En tant que photographe de grossesse pour femmes enceintes, j'ai régulièrement des demandes pour de...
26 September 2022

Nelly m'avait contacté pour organiser une séance grossesse car elle était enceinte de 7 mois. Elle souhaitait effectuer la séance avec son mari Paul et aussi effectuer une partie de la séance studio avec un belly painting.

26 August 2022
Lorsque vous venez pour une séance photo grossesse, vous souhaitez souvent écrire le début d'une histoire, celle du commencement de votre nouvelle vie, celle de votre prochain enfant au sein de votre famille. Les clichés de ce moment que vous recherc...