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Packshoot Produits Ecommerce

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On a website, the quality of the photos is essential because poor quality visuals will increase the bounce rate of your Internet users. You are a busy restaurateur, it is complicated for you to manage the images of your dishes, so you can call on a food photographer.

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You want beautiful photos of your creations, uncluttered images to better sell your dishes, and your catalogs... Your products will be shot in the studio on a white background.

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You are stylists, designers and you want beautiful images of your creations... The photos after shooting will be optimized in post-production (color, retouching...). For products worn by male/female models (clothing, swimwear, etc.), the photos will be taken in the studio or outdoors according to your wishes.

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Progress of the photo session with your products

Setting up the photo studio in your store. Respect for colors thanks to the use of a color chart and post-processing of raw files. The packshot is a high quality photograph of a product used to present the product in a catalog, on a website. The place of the session: We come to your place, or you send us your products which we send back to you after the shooting. During the trip, we put studio flashes for lighting, backgrounds as well as accessories and decorations to create your product images. Please use the contact form to make sure we take pictures of your product types. The delivery of your photos The photos of your products after having been optimized, will be delivered to you quickly via download link.